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SmartSales is a restaurant management system on Cloud. It serves businesses big and small, from corner takeouts to full service restaurants. It works with most of the Android smartphones,tablets and existing POS hardwares.

Powerful Yet Simple

With focus on simplicity, SmartSales moves out 80% of the features from android app to backend web management portal. By doing so, we are able to focus on users’ specific tasks and make everything simple.

Every tasks can be completed in 2 - 3 touches

Push Notifications

Any updates on products, price, or even add/remove tables from the portal get pushed to all users real time. With its happenings in the background, users do not face any system concerns, and meantime customers’ experiences enhanced.

Orders and Sales too get push out to the Kitchen, Bars, Cashiers and to the SmartSales Cloud.

Works Online and Offline

SmartSales lets you make orders and sales even when the Internet is down. The transactions are stored locally, and automatically sync to your SmartSales Cloud account when you get your Internet connection back on.


Smartsales Nano Server, the Big things come in Small packages

SmartSales Nano Server

For a mid size restaurants who have many sub-kitchens and bar counters and want a order print outs instead of displaying Order Queue App, we have engineered a SmartSales Nano Server.

This server accepts orders, routes and pushes out the order menu items to their designated printer. So a bar counter only see the drinks it needs to prepare, while kitchen see the dishes.

Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC)

Powered by Intel chipset with 64GB SSD drive and 4GB memory, it has power for the most demanding work. This ultra-small package (4 inch x 4 inch) means you can place it any where in your restaurant.

Build-in Wifi Hotspot

We have built in wifi hotspot so that you don't have to get extra router/access point for the SmartSales Waiter and Cashier Apps.

Just plug-in a 3G/4G USB dongle, you are now connected to the SmartSales Cloud and share the Internet access with all the devices.

SmartSales Nano Server

How it Works

We help you save man-hours, increase productivity and increase your customers’ satisfaction by streamlining your business processes as well as enhance Customers’ experience by removing bottlenecks. Every order you serve will save you average 5-10 man/min, the potential to save operating costs are beyond your imagination.

  • Waiter

    Taking orders

    With touchable menu on your android smartphone or tablet, you can conveniently order anywhere. Your orders are instantly sent from the table to the kitchen or bar.

    Menu modifier, move table, combine tables, quick menu access are carefully planned and designed on the User Interface for a quick and easy access.

  • Kitchen and Bar

    Receiving Orders

    Our order router is designed to send orders to kitchen to complex multiple locations, kitchens and bars. Now you can receive drinks order from the bar, while your main course order are sent to the kitchen.

    Instead of printers, you can configure our kitchen android app with monitor and see the order queues being displayed on it.

  • Cashier

    Check out and Cash in

    Our cashier app is focused on what is happening now. See only active tables’ bill requests.

    The goal it to process payment quickly in order to reduce the waiting time so that tables get cleared quickly and new customers can be seated.

  • SmartSales Cloud

    Syncing order and sales

    Every orders and sales get sync to your SmartSales Cloud account on realtime. Now you can manage your restaurant on the go and see the real-time sales performances.

    Our Cloud is designed to isolate each restaurant. The data are being backup hourly and daily. With our Cloud running on amazon infrastructure you can have peaceful nights knowing your data are safe and secure.

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SmartSales Nano Server*
Secure Cloud Hosting
Connect up to 20 concurrent devices#
Unlimited Employess
500 Products
5000 Customers
Free Software Updates
24/7 Phone and Email Support

* Require mininum 1 year commitment
# Any combination of concurrent Waiter, Cashier and Kitchen Android Apps or Printers

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